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Vinyl PVC Window Boxes and Vinyl PVC Planters are an affordable lightweight solution for the budget conscious gardener. Vinyl boxes have are a little more shiny and plastic like than cellular PVC but their distinctive molded look and design still brings tons of compliments. Our vinyl flower box selections are extruded or molded using either polyvinyl or polyethylene resins that deliver the ultimate light in weigh window planter option. All vinyl selections come with their own unique wall mounting brackets and deck rail brackets are available as an additional option. Are you looking for the best flower box? Click here to view our entire selection of wonderful: flower window boxes.

We also refer to these window boxes as window planters as their top and bottom trim are finished on all four sides to they are suitable for displaying sitting on top of a ledge or pedestal where they can be enjoyed from 360 degrees. These vinyl window boxes are made from a hollow cavity design (vs. solid panel construction like our cellular pvc) and this cavity feature contributes to itís light weight. Our super-lightweight Countryside and Medallion pvc planters are mostly used for liners inside of wood boxes but can be used as affordable stand alone growing beds. These heavy weight plastic containers are the beginning gardeners box of choice as they generally start at under $10/liner.

Lightweight vinyl PVC window boxes are a great option for those looking for a light and affordable window box. These window boxes are perfect for a gardening enthusiast on a budget. Window boxes are a great tool to decorate your home. These lightweight window boxes are made of Vinyl material and have a hollow core which contributes to its lightweight design. Vinyl Window Boxes start at under 10$/liner which make them a coveted item for beginners. PVC planters are also a great idea for those who wish to try their hand at gardening but do not have ample time on their hands. Vinyl Window boxes are easy hassle free and easy to maintain. These vinyl window boxes are available along with brackets deck rails to be able to mount them easily at a window sill. Mounting these lightweight PVC Window Boxes allows people to effectively decorate the exterior of their homes and give outsiders a 360 degree view of their PVC planters. Lightweight PVC Window Boxes are the ultimate and affordable solution to all your decorating and mini gardening needs. Not only do they add a bit of character to your homes, they also make for a wonderful budget gift idea.

Lightweight PVC Window Boxes by Window Box Store are the best solution to your gardening plans. These PVC planters not only come with a hollow core, which makes them lightweight and easy to mount, but they also provide an easy solution for apartment and city dwellers to add a bit of nature to their homes. These Vinyl Window Boxes come in affordable prices starting at just 10$/liner and can suit any pocket. Always wanted to do some gardening but never had the space? Well window boxes are the answer to your dilemma. PVC planters from Window Box store are a great space saving way to grow your plants. All of us take great care to decorate the interiors of our home, but few of us realize that the exterior of our homes says as much about us as do the interiors. Hence it is important to make the outside of your home look beautiful. Vinyl Flower Boxes are a great and cost effective way to enhance our home exterior. At Window Box Store not only do we provide a wide range for you to choose from, but we also have it delivered to the address of your choice. Now beautifying your home has never been simpler.