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Affordable Solid Composite PVC Window Boxes from the WindowBoxStore.com are available in 14 different styles all with six stock sizes ready and available to ship within days of ordering. All PVC window box styles can also be made to any custom length to fit any window. These PVC window planter boxes and their complementary PVC planters are a long lasting, durable, rot free choice. These PVC flower boxes are made from architectural grade cellular PVC and have quickly become recognized as the best option for homeowners that are looking for contemporary beauty and long lasting quality that won't weather or rot.

While they look and feel just like wood, flower window boxes are made from solid sheets of PVC so they won't accept any water � hence their rot-proof reputation. These window planter boxes are paintable using an exterior grade latex paint just like the eaves and window trim of most homes. Even left as a bright-white, they will last a lifetime even in the harshest climate or conditions. The primary is the material itself if completely impervious to water. For this reason, cellular PVC material is replacing wood in almost all aspects of construction where water and moisture are a problem. We offer 6-8 Lengths of all styles are in Stock & Ready to Ship and custom lengths are easily available in 1-2 lead time.

A flower box, otherwise known as a window box, is a common form of decorating apartment or home windows. Flower boxes are often attached to windows using rails or brackets, which is when they come to be known as window boxes. Flower boxes can also be placed on porches, patio or even steps of your homes. The biggest appeal of window planter boxes is for apartment owners living on higher floors, who want a touch of nature. These window boxes allow them to grow flowers and add natural color to their living space. Often these boxes are placed in the kitchen to grow herbs that can be used in cooking a fresh flavor. These provide for a miniature kitchen garden that is otherwise difficult to maintain in an apartment. Flower boxes are great idea for those who want to take up a mini decorating or gardening project but do not have access to a big open space. Window Planter boxes are also a great and novel gift idea. It is a perfect choice for a nature loving friend, family member who misses the countryside or just anyone who wants to give their home a unique look. Flower boxes come in a variety of materials right from fiber glass to coir.

PVC Window boxes are a popular decoration for any home. PVC Window Boxes come in a standard classic white style and can be painted if you wish to have it suit your home decor. The biggest advantage of the PVC material is that it does not rot and gives you the same fresh appeal for a long time. PVC window boxes come in variety of sizes and can also be custom made to suit your size requirements. The window boxes are made from solid sheets of PVC and as a reason are well known for their rot free reputation. These boxes are a great tool to enhance your interior decoration or to try out your hand at gardening. Being easy to maintain, even kids can help out on your next gardening project. Their novelty and looks make them a great gift idea. Now why rack your brains trying to come up with the perfect gift when you have Window Box Store to help you out on your quest? We have a wide variety of PVC window boxes in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Next time you have a decorating or gifting need, you probably won't have to think twice.